Just discovered a pretty random 'feature' on Facebook Chat.

I don't know how many of you use facebook's relatively new chat feature.  It's a small box in the bottom right of the browser.  Anyhow, yesterday I logged into my account on the iMac downstairs.  It's a private PC that only me and my family use, so I left my facebook account logged in downstairs.

Earlier this afternoon, I spoke with one of my friends on the facebook chat.  We had a short conversation, without any confidential/personal information being discussed - but a chat nonetheless.

Anyhow, I just turned the screen on the iMac, and the facebook page was still up in Safari - and to my horror, the chat that I'd had upstairs on my own PC was shown up in the bottom right of the screen in the Safari browser.  Therefore, I can only assume that what I typed upstairs was broadcasted to my logged in account realtime - without me knowing.

Normally when I log into a site, I expect it to log me out elsewhere - especially with Instant Messenger.

Watch out for the same thing catching you out!