I think it's about time that people became aware of the advantages of the GnuPrivacyGuard.


According the to BBC the government are considering keeping a database of every phone call made and every email sent. Now, it's already possible to do this with your current email communications - and very few people bother to encrypt their mail to make sure that only the recipient can read it.

Email passes over a network in plain text - thereby anything sent in a email is easy to 'sniff' out and read. With gpg - you encrypt the mail with a password - then the only person that can read the mail is the person that knows that password.. the recipient of the email.

It's a clever system, so here's a link to Red Hat Magazine's article on GPG.

For a Windows-based solution, try WinGPG.

If we can't change the system, then we at least need to protect ourselves from it.