Just over a week ago, Pete Lewis and I set up a blog aggregator @ http://dev.zrmt.com.  We initially populated it with a few blogs that we knew of around the Birmingham Area (mostly people from SB LUG and a few other places.   At the start of the week, we decided to move it across to BrumSpace.org.

The main reason behind this was that we wanted to do something that was more than just blogging.  Having been able to read a number of Birmingham Blogs all in the same place - it made me realise that there's lots more to a BrumSpace than just the blogs.  Twitter is a fantastic medium which is really starting to take off.. like everyone's hidden mistress.  There's also Plings - which is a site I've recently discovered thanks to a tip-off from a colleague.  It's aiming to be an event-driven-twitter-thing as far as I can tell.  Looking at their 'labs' page shows they're trying to integrate with twitter rather than replicate it - so watch that space!

The bloggers meet-up this evening was really nice.  It was good to meet so many interesting people.  As I'm fairly new to the blogging community here, I could do with some online introductions.  I've met some bloggers offline before even meeting them online - how weird! If you were at the meeting, add me on twitter here = andylockran.

It was also good to meet some of the guys who I've spoken to a fair bit on IRC/Mailing Lists, such as Pete, Zeth and Dan.  Looking forward to the next one - when I'll hopefully be able to put more blogs to names to faces :)