Once in a while there is a fairly new and inventive solution to an old problem.

First we had networks.. then we had wireless networks.. and now we have wireless wired networks?

Ok, they're not technically wireless - but install of having a central wireless access point in the centre of your home, you can now buy the Devolo HomePlug - and have networking points wherever you have electricity.

You see, electricity flows through your power cables at a certain frequency. The HomePlug sends your data through the wires at a different frequency. It's quite simple really.

Anyway, you can but 14Mbps to 200+Mbps adapters for the HomePlug - and it's n open standard, so you don't need to just buy from devolo.

They also have wireless plugs, so instead of the plug interfacing to a network connection on your PC/laptop - you can plug in a devolo wireless homeplug adapter and get a low-range wireless base in your house too.

However, they are pretty expensive ~£80 for 2. They're also very addictive. So much better than wifi that soon you'll be buying them for all you computers (like I did...)

Oh well.. the more we buy the more the price will start to drop.. right?

So BUY!!!