Archbishop Vincent Nicholls

I'm sure that you'll have heard of this bill if you've been paying any attention at all to the British Press.  It's attracting lots of attention.

I happened to be at the Mass at the Cathedral where he gave the speech, as I've been going there even Monday for the last 16 years with my Dad and Granddad's.  It was definitely an interesting topi, but can be boiled down to the following statements.

There is more concrete evidence that supports 'adult' stem cells having more success, specifically for the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis than the 'embryonic' stem cells that this bill would promote the use of.

I can understand the personal anguish of individuals wanting to be able to find a cure right away, which is why I find this topic so dividing/difficult.  However, since the current evidence suggests that 'adult' stem cells (those not requiring the 'destruction of an embryo' to obtain and utilize for scientific purpose may be better suited to use surely suggests that this avenue should be thoroughly researched before we have to take the drastic step of destroying fertilised eggs.  I use 'fertilised eggs' deliberately, as I'm sure the majority of the readers of this blog aren't Catholic, and want to try and avoid adding complexity to the situation by bringing in Catholic Doctrine that says life begins at conception, and to take a life is wrong.

Needless to say, this isn't even the problem.  The problem is that New Labour won't give it's MPs a free vote.. and says they must tow the party line.  The purpose of the free vote is to allow ethical and moral decisions to be made in parliament.  Not allowing it's members this freedom is disgraceful, in my opinion. Sure, members may abstain, but if all negatives are put in the abstain count, it will only serve to strengthen the positives.

Please act now, and allow the government to let your MP vote freely on such an important issue.

I personally would like to vote against the bill, but that's not my place to say.  I want the British Public to be able to have their elected Parliament decide on this important issue.. not just a single, dead-in-the-water political party.