Ah man.. It took some time to make this decision - but I've decided on my course of action.

I'm off on holiday from Saturday 9th, until Sunday 17th Feb.  I'm going skiing in the French Alps, and despite their being an internet connection - think it's best if I don't blog for the rest of the week.

Hopefully it'll provide people with a nice break from my post on the relative planets - and hopefully wanting more when I return.

I'm really looking forward to my break, as I feel I need to go and recharge my batteries.  Working in the open source world isn't a normal 9-5.  Many times I've been up past two doing random 'generic' FLOSS stuff - and it's taken it's toll.  I'll probably have to start keeping timesheets for my general activities to stop me from going overboard.

If anyone has anything they'd like me to cover when I return - it'd be good to have some direction for when I get back.

I hope anyone else going on Holiday has a good time, and those of you at work - just wait until you're on holiday and I'm not.