I received an email this evening in reference to my previous post on the adobe flash-player EULA.The reason that I am persisting with this communication is that I don't appear to have been given a satisfactory response as to whether I can legally run flash-player on my PC.  I outline my situation below:

 For what it's worth the PC I bought (2 year ago) is a dell dimension 5150 - and was initially sold with Windows Media Centre on it. I now run ubuntu on it. Does this class as a media centre PC (I could easily argue it does) therefore according to the EULA I am not allowed to run flashplayer on it. However, to all intents and purposes it has many design similarities to a 'PC' therefore it is permissable (according to your EULA) to run flashplayer on it.

This was included in my latest response to Adobe.  I'm sure it could be read as me being a little "arsey" - but were some cyber-cop come and analyse my PC - I'd like to know the legal status of my software.  Using ubuntu-only repos I'm already quite confident that all my software is legally installed downloaded.  It's just this flash-player that I'm currently naive about.The last response was not very satisfactory at all - and I seem to be going round in circles.

Dear Mr. Loughran,

Can i refer you to the following URL: http://www.adobe.com/products/eulas/

Adobe products are not sold; rather, copies of Adobe products so therefore everyone has to agree with them to use the products, the reasons as to why certain things are in the EULAs is not part of our workflow as they are legal agreements and i am not a lawyer. Sorry that i cannot give you a more definative answer. 


Hopefully I'll be able to report back on what constitutes a "Media Centre PC" in the eyes of Adobe.  All interesting stuff I think you'll agree. (I hope so anyway, please let me know if you think I am wasting my time).