It worries me that people are so keen to take away the civil liberties of others without really examining the consequences of their actions.

An article on the BBC news website recently told the news of how a Goth couple were ousted from a Bus as the boyfriend had the girlfriend by a lead and collar.  They argued that it was against health and safety rules on the bus; were there to be a crash someone could be strangled.

Now whilst I am not for/against the Goth lifestyle - it's not something that I'd personally get into.  However, just because it's seen as a bit 'strange' or 'weird' to the majority of us does not mean we should prevent it.

People need to be free to make mistakes, that's how we learn.  It's when the chance of the mistake is so high it's almost predictable that we need to take action.  There was probably very little chance of the bus crashing.  Will I soon not be allowed to travel on a bus if I'm wearing flat soled shoes in wet weather as there is a greater chance of me falling over in a crash than the man next to me wearing Doc Martens.

Let's not curb civil liberty.. let's just learn some respect. (That may also include the Goths agreeing to let go of each others leads whilst on public transport in case of accidental strangulation).