Fantastic, it's about time - and Facebook have actually done something right.

For those of us that joined when facebook was a plain, uniform and elitist social network the onset of multiple applications asking for us to be Zombies, Vampires or pet a 'Fluffy Friend' was ridiculous.  However, there are some applications that people want to have on their profile - but don't necessarily want to push their friends' noses in it.  Well facebook have come up with a simple solution.

The 'extended profile' is somewhere where users can place the 'profile real-estate eating' applications.  It's also a good way to have applications added that you don't need other people to see.  So what if I play Scrabulous or Jetman - they're now hidden away nicely.  If people want to look they can, but now they'll be greeted with a nice page.

The next stage is to make sure some applications may only appear on the extended page.  SuperWall, FunWall and PornoWall - your time is up.

Facebook, well done at 'regress to progress' - not many organisations would have the balls.