Today I received the new O2 XDA Stellar SmartPhone.  I wanted to upgrade my phone and wanted something with GPS.  The N95 was sold out, so I went for this option.  It looked nice enough and the hardware spec was impressive.

Please bear in mind this is only a temporary phone until my openmoko becomes stable.

Well things were going well - I had the funambol connector set up to Synchronise with my works horde server.  It works well.  The GPS via Google Maps was good (but bound to be expensive unless I get on an unlimited data tariff).  I installed a putty client so I could ssh into my servers - the main reason I got this phone was the good keyboard allowing me to 'hopefully' do better remote support.  I was looking around for some more mapping applications - I came across smart2go.  It looks fantastic - however, I need to order a bigger miniSD card.  It downloads all the maps 'once' - preventing your data bill from shooting sky high.

The problem...

It comes with Office Mobile (2007).  The default formats are the new MS OOXML ones - and although you can change it - they are the ones set to default.  I don't use office 2007.  If you like spreadsheets - you can ONLY SAVE IN THE OOXML format.

I wish OOo came out for the Windows Mobile Devices - if someone could point me toward an alternate set of applications for this it'd be much appreciated.