Well it's been a lovely new year.  My golf has improved and I had a really long Christmas break that lasted until this morning, when, at 9am, I started work again.

I'm quite pleased actually, I feel fresh and ready for more challenges.  However, I also feel a little disappointed in myself.

You see, my new years resolution was to give up Fast Food.. and for the first 6 days of 2008, I had at least 1 meal from a fast food joint each day.  That's not a very good habit to get into.  Now the holidays are over I've gone good.  My last 'bad' meal yesterday was a full English Breakfast after a round of golf at Ombersley Golf Club.

Today, I got up and had some toast - with some olive-oil based 'butter.' Only a little.

Then I worked all day, with a lite pasta bite for lunch.  It was nice.  Then I did my weekly ASDA shop, and spent less than my usual amount and just bought healthy food.  My meat was fresh, my eggs free-range and my vegetables and fruit unprocessed.  It was a nice feeling.  I also got myself some fish.

What caused this change in diet?

With comments from a few friends claiming I had the "worst diet of all my friends" and saying "when the fat doesn't show on the body, it collects in the arteries" -  I decided something needed to be done.  Along with a "years gym membership" from my parents for Christmas I wanted a target to get fit for.  I've therefore decided to do the "Three Peaks Challenge."  That's up and down the three highest peaks in the UK (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon) within 24 hours.  It's a tough challenge, and one which will no doubt involve some kind of corporate sponsorship to get us to the mountains - but hopefully also a good cause to raise some money for.

I'm hoping to have a team formed and commitment from the 6 walkers and 2 support drivers by the end of January.  It's a very tough challenge; one which I don't intend to take lightly.  I'll also be posting some details of ways in which _you_ can donate to the candidate charity once a decision has been made on which one it is.

So yes, it's forecast to be quite an exciting 2008.  Wish me luck in training.