Well thus ends England's Euro 2008 campaign, and it's not even 2008 yet.

It was a pretty dismal performance, but the team looked fragmented and detached. I've not been following the football that closely I must admit - but the level of communication and 'oomph' required really wasn't.

I had a quick game of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, which was recently released on the Xbox360. (See, I'm not that much of a MS bashing Linux Fanboi!). It's quite a fun game, especially as I can claim the upper hand against my flatmate for most of the games we play. Well the truth of English Football is engrained in the stats. I don't know if the game is biased when it's shipped to Japan, China or the USA - but the Pentagon to show the team stats is thoroughly slanted when it comes to England. This image is of England versus Croatia.

As far as the managers job goes, I will be sad to see him leave. However, we need to learn lessons from his (short) tenure, as he learnt lessons from dear Sven. The most enjoyable time I've watch England were the couple of three-nils with Barry introduced into midfield. It really worked. I just hope the next England Manager is afforded the space by the media to do similar things - and I guess with no competitive matches until the World Cup - he'll hopefully have more freedom to mix it up before it really matters.

Anyhow, I don't want to rub salt into the wounds.. So Goodbye Euro 2008.. The next thing to look forwards to is World Cup 2010 - and I'll be 24.. ouch.