It's a bit of a joke really.  First of having to rely on a team like Israel to even give England a chance of getting to the European Finals - and then to belittle a team with as much quality as Croatia - with the majority of pundits expecting England to beat them easily.

I was rather amused at being able to see the "gridiron" from the wonderful NFL match held at Wembley three weeks ago - but the best bit was this.

Due to the gridiron being smaller in width than a football pitch, the "touchline" for the gridiron was ten yards inside England's right wing during the first half.  I now ask you to watch an NFL game, with all the circus standing on the sidelines.  We have "technical areas" - they have hoodlum asylums - everyone can stand their.. pacing up and down and RUINING THE FOOTBALL PITCH!

Now if this isn't yet another example how the media (especially Mr Murdoch) are ruining the "beautiful game" then I don't know what is.  That, and the fact that the media were belittling Croatia.  They're a good side, and I think it's going to be a very interesting second half.