12:24 < andylockran> hey guys
12:24 < andylockran> I need some help as I haven't yet identified the problem, so can't look for a solution.
12:25 < andylockran> I'm trying to get two identical server clusters replicating over openvpn. As they're "identical" I
want to keep them with the same ip addresses. In order to avoid IP conflict, port forwarding is set up
for the replication.
12:26 < andylockran> On cluster 1, db forwards it's ldap port to the firewall machine (which is one end of hte vpn) and the
same happens at the other end on the second cluster.
12:27 < andylockran> However, for this two work, the opposing clients need to be able to see the other firewall machine (the
two vpn ip addresses)
12:27 < andylockran> both db can see their own fw machine's ip.. but not the other
12:27 < andylockran> can you tell me if it's a routing, or bridging problem. or whether what I'm trying to do is
incompatible with openvpn?