I've been really enjoying my Jazz recently, so much so that I've borrowed my cousin's saxophone so I can see whether or not I can pick it up.  I've found a really good resource on Saxophone lessons so hopefully I'll be able to progress past annoying my flatmate.

Anyhow, this is an issue.  The Saxophone is rather noisy.  I really like the noise - but my flatmate isn't a fan.  If you can think of a good way for me to quieten down the Saxophone, please let me know.  Otherwise I may have to resort to driving out somewhere else to practise.  (If you see any lone saxophonists on the A57 Snake Pass.. it'll probably be me, so come and say hi!).

I had a great chance to start yesterday as I was stuck in a three hour traffic jam on the M5.  I got the mouthpiece out and practised my blowing.  It was great fun, and a source of amusement for the other drivers in the queue.  I got the whol sax out at one point, but there wasn't enough room to start playing - and as I didn't have much of a clue where to put my fingers I just ended up making squeaking noises.  It was good fun.

So yeah, my mission to learn the saxophone has started.. Hopefully I'll be able to make some nice noises soon or else it (or I) may come to a premature end.   Hopefully my flatmate will start to appreciate the jazz..  I bet there's no person that was perfect when they first picked up an instrument... things can only get better