Man I miss the music.

Since going to University the time in my life dedicated to my music has dramatically decreased - and given that I started University in 2004 you can imagine how bad things are getting.  However, I did learn to strum a guitar whilst at Uni, and took my keyboard with me to have a play - but it's got to the stage where I need to find some people to play some music with.

I'm not going to pretend I'm some sort of virtuoso, but I do enjoy playing music.  It provides me with something that nothing else can - some kind of emotional release.  I'm also extremely varied in the music I choose to listen to and play.  One of the nicest things about my move up to Manchester has been my proximity to Matt 'n' Phred's Jazz Club.  It's so nice to see that music being played live.  Jazz is quite special to me.

However, I'm quite a 'genre-bender' (what a word!!!) as I love listening to metal; ambient music; classical; indie and rock.  I just love it.

Anyway, the point of the post was to see if there are any other like-minded folks in/around Manchester that fancy meeting up for a bit of a jam?  I'm not into the myspace malarkey or creating a new #1 single.  I want to do it purely for the enjoyment.  Let me know what instruments you can play too.  I manage on the piano (Grade 6 I think) - Bass (it was anything to get in a band at one point) - Acoustic Guitar.  I'm just about to start learning the saxophone - I'll have to see how it goes.. should be collecting the instrument this weekend.