Well that's not a surprise coming from the big man.

Dallaglio has questioned Brian Ashton's leadership of the England Team.

Dean Richards reckons that any players who openly criticise the coach in the press should be banned.

I agree with Richards' opinion, (not just because he's a personal hero, but) because if you did that in any other job you'd be sacked. Imagine openly criticising your boss at work to a client - it's just not done. Any issues you have stay with in the team to be resolved. Dallaglio said that Ashton turned England into a 'pub team' and that "somehow we'd managed to turn our World Cup campaign into a Monty Python sketch - called The Life of Brian."

I know Ashton will be rather old when the next World Cup comes round - but let's not be ageist. The people who are going to make the decision do not include Mike Catt or Lawrence Dallaglio. It's such a shame he came out of International Retirement. He left the game as a strong and admired leader - and now he's got a reputation and an undermining bully. His latest comments only add fuel to the fire.

It's going to be a good four years of English Rugby too I feel - there is a lot of young talent, and the Premiership has stabilised following the transition to the professional game. The next stage is to make sure the teams in National League 1 & 2 get decent financial support as well as publicity support. It would be great to see the BBC publish the match reports on their site (if not actually cover the matches themselves). Match reports are written by the clubs - so there's not that much of an obstacle to get them on the site.