Gosh isn't this getting amusing.  I mean which guy actually thought of this?

Unless we want every single sport on the earth to go the same route as F1 racing, then this has "bad idea" written all over it.

I didn't watch the game, as I haven't watched American Football since I was a child.  It's a bit of a nightmare actually.. I used to really enjoy staying up at watching it, and supported the Washington Redskins.. (and the 49ers and Bears) - however, on one of my first training sessions at the local rugby club I decided to score a touchdown instead of a try, and was ridiculed by my peers.  It was a great touchdown, but a rubbish try (I shouldn't have run straight out of the back).  I was never again to follow NFL with any passion.

So this whole NFL at Wembley stuff.. it really is a bit of a joke.  They want to take the Premier League over to the USA too.  With all the new foreign owners, I'm quite worried that this silly idea may become a reality.  Let's take the first point:

The Beautiful Game 

Ok - Football is the Beautiful game.  The stadium, facilities and hopsitality should all focus around making the _game_ better - not just the 'experience' of the fans.  When the Giant's manager talking about the "excellent hospitality" and the "wonderful venue."  Now don't get me wrong - stadiums like the Emirates, CoMS, Old Trafford all add to the game - they're wonderful venues.  Wembley too is a _great_ football venue.  However,  in America Football the players are dead hard on the pitch.  Their extra padding and helmets are constantly digging into the ground.  It tears up the ground.  By the end of the NFL game the pitch was a mess - and it ruined the game.  It's why so many NFL teams have artificial pitches - it doesn't break up.

It's when people choose "advertising revenue" and "opening new markets" ahead of the quality of the game that sport is going to take a nosedive.  I really hope that no Premier League games are played outside the UK (well, we don't even lets the Scots in anyway at the moment).  It's a farcical situation.  International Comptetions are for international matches.  The press constantly mentioned whether Beckham would be able to play after travelling over from America to London.. yet in the NFL they fly the whole team over and expect them to play.  The Airbus A380 isn't coming soon enough...