I'm really rather annoyed.  Tonight I had a lovely meal - Chicken with a really nice lime source & a selection of root vegetables, and a few bottles of beer.  I don't normally drink mid-week, however, it's been a fairly busy one therefore I decided to break the habit.

Once that was done it was time to avenge my defeat to my flat-mate, Andrew, on Pro Evolution the previous night.  I'd lost in all three games that we'd played, and wasn't competing anywhere on the pitch.  We sat down and after beating him 3-1 with Saudi Arabia (he was Chelsea) he decided for us to go head to head.  We had a couple of 3-1 victories (1 each way).  Then I was Classic Brazil & he was Brazil and I beat him 8-1.  That made me feel good so I decided to give Saudi Arabia another run out - and lost 3-1.

The night was going well though.  I had enough beer in my belly, and was well fed.  We were also listening to Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde" on Super Audio CD - which is a fantastic album.  Life was good.

To cap off the day, we decided a trip to the Jazz Club, Matt 'n' Phreds, would be in order.  I've been down there a fair bit recently and really like the venue.  There's always a live band on and the quality is really good.  There's all types of jazz so if you're in the area, do check it out.

I got changed and realised I'd left my coat in the car.. bummer.  Luckily the car is parked in a car park under the flat - so I just popped down there.  I headed towards my car (after checking post) and noticed it was unlocked... that was strange.  I opened the Drivers door and saw a notice from Greater Manchester Police.

"Your car has been checked for fingerprints.. please contact the police."

"Cripes.." thought I, "Microsoft can't have found me that quickly."

So I called the police immediately, asking them for what the note was about - and how they managed to get into my car..  I got the response "Your car was seen by a couple of officers on patrol earlier as it had been broken into."

Broken in to...  it was then I noticed that the back nearside window was smashed.  There was the shattered glass everywhere.  Anyhow, the Police woman seemed rather amused, and I was quite bemused that I hadn't noticed it.

How annoying.  The car is in a car park underneath the flat that only a few people have key fobs to access... yet still some scallywags can get inside and smash a car window.  How frustrating.  What's happened to the old phrase "never touch a man's wheels."  Oh well.

Will sort it out with the insurance company tomorrow...