I wouldn't introduce myself as an audiophile, but I do enjoy listening to high quality music. I live with a guy who's very much into his home-comfortsl; thus underneath the 42" plasma you'll find a nice DVD recorder/upscaler and a Sony 2.1 DVD audio hometheatre system. It's quite nice, but what's nicer is that it plays both DVD audio and SACD (SuperAudio CDs).

We've just got Pink Floyd "The Dark Side of the Moon" on SACD, and the quality of it has completely blown me away. There is absolutely no distortion between the tracks as can be found on normal CDs, and the clarity is beautiful. It's really something else, that even the least perceptive person could hear the difference.

I was therefore wondering if I could change my current mp3 collection to something of the same quality. (don't hit me, I did use ogg and FLAC until I got a BOSE sounddock - and I switched back to the apple software from rockbox as it didn't support the remote control.) SACD is 64 times the sampling rate of conventional CDs. My mp3s aren't yet as good as my CDs (although the flac songs I own are) - but this new format would be nice.

It's a shame that DVD-audio isn't of the same quality (only 192Khz, to SACDs 2.8224Mhz), as it appears to have some Linux production tools available, however, the project is still in early development.  (It's still active though with the latest updates on the 14th October 2007).  I'll be taking a closer look at DVD-audio in the future if I can get the software working on ubuntustudio.  I may release an 'collection of songs' (album sounds too professional) recorded using ubuntustudio on dvd-audio in the short to mid-term.  Wouldn't that be nice.  I think I'd be complaining about the music rather than the sound quality then. Doh!