It's weird.  I thought after losing the Rugby World Cup final that I'd be really disappointed and a bit down, but instead I just felt really pleased that the guys put forward a good account of themselves.

I think it was a great advert for Rugby - I don't care what the press may say about an 'ugly' game - yesterday there were 30 men on the pitch fighting for their reputations - and it was the only scenario when both teams could keep their reputation.  Had South Africa lost - it would be a case of them simply 'not turning up' in the Press.  It wouldn't be down to England's good rugby - no siree.

England lost by the narrowest of margins - they fought to the death.  The missed try by Cueto was not so much a turning point in the match, but a mark of how far England have improved over the tournament.  It was a really good game for Matthew Tait especially, solid at the back.  Mike Catt will have been upset not to last the 80, but he did a marvellous job when on the pitch.  I remember years ago (back when the likes of Gerry Guscott & Rob Andrew were playing) that I used to try and emulate Andrew.  (Andrew by name, Andrew by nature) was what my Dad said when I sent the ball over the fence.  I emulated Guscott with the drop-goal for the Lions, and I emulated Catt by shouting for the mark, and then letting the ball pass through my hands for a dropped catch.   Needless to say he was as solid as a rock this tournament.

It's good to see that Johnny lasted the distance too.   It must be so hard having to contend with all those injuries.  All I can hope now is that he happens upon Chris Patterson's kicking manual for these new balls.  They look a bit like the lightweight footballs in the air, swerving this way and that, but they're still kickable - it's just a different technique.

Anyroad, England did us proud and I personally think they deserver the Parade around London still (or even better, Manchester).  I can't wait to cheer the guys back at Edgeley Park next time I got and see Sale.

Three Cheers for England!!!

The only thing that disappointed me was the line-out.  However, it's not a big problem, and I'm sure we can sort it.  I think Chuter's had a good World Cup, as have most of the players.  As I said, I'm p