Well the last time I went to back to back concerts, it was Birmingham Rock & Pop Week @ the NEC, followed by The Eagles Farewell Tour at NIA, and then Van Morrison at Warwick Castle.  That was some weekend, although I remember laughing with my mate Dan at the audacity of Mr Van Morrison's support act - Chris Farlow.  He was terrible.

Anyway, last night (as documented in a previous blog) I went to see the SohoDolls at Night & Day and had a thoroughly good time.   I spent today listening to their album, and by lunch-time had got myself worked up into a frenzy.  It was just so nice to have such good music to work too.

Anyhow, I decided to see what the people's opinions of the Manchester Concert was, and suggested on the SohoDolls forum (www.sohodolls.co.uk/forum) that I take some guy I'd seen (very briefly) at the Manchester gig across to Sheffield to see them again.  Well he was up for it, so I phoned my flatmate and invited him too.  Although down with a cold - he was up for it too.. wahey!

So we went across to Corporation, and had the most fantastic gig.  They were just brilliant, again.   I'm really liking this band, and although my mate Nathan reckons they play the pretenders to the LadyTrons, I like their style.  It's just nice to be able to find a band that you can connect with.  Their music is my cup of tea.