What a night. I'm dead busy at work at the moment, but my good friend, Andrew Reid, decided to take me along to a gig tonight @ Night & Day, Manchester, to see the Soho Dolls. They were supported by The Dead Wasps (who were very amusing) and the 568's (whose lead singer I think was very nice & may have had a little crush on yours truly).

Anyway, I digress.

The Soho Dolls are going to be a band of the century. They have a wonderful mix of tracks, delivered beautifully with a really nice bass riff going on. The bassist also has the wonderful skills to choose to play a nice big double-bass ahead of the now taken-for-granted bass guitar - and his gamble really pays off. He gives the band a foundation to move on up to heights unimaginable.

Soho Dolls

It does help that the lead singer is very (very) fit. She's one of those that really emits a beauty and warmth that most guys dream of - yet sophisticated and talented. Her voice is her best bit, and that's not detracting from the rest of the performance. She took the place by storm, and turned what was a lukewarm venue into a mighty put of warmth. She had charisma and the skills to match. It was a fantastic sight.

The best song they played was called Bang Bang Bang Bang - it's catchy without being in your face annoying. just great. I don't think I've seen a better band live (and I've seen the eagles, air, megadeth, air, van morrison...) to name a few. They were just superb. I also got to catch up with the band afterwards and buy their album. "Ribbed Music for the numb generation. I mucho recommend it to buy. ~The 568s were good too, and their album is available on itunes.

The keyboard player, Weston - was immense. He had three synths on the go at a time, and just filled the songs. It was superb. They guitar player, Toni put across amazing charisma with some really nice leads. Not too flashy, but well good enough to fit the songs. He's not got the arrogance that many guitarists have,

Soho Dolls

I hate to be unfair on the other bands that played tonight... but these guys were just head and shoulders above the rest... I can see them going far.


oh yeah.. you can get a free track from their site too.


You can see the amazement in my eyes...

P.S. (later addition to the blog).  We've just decided to head across to Sheffield tomorrow to see them play @ Corporation.  It was literally that good.  Wahey!!!