Well that was an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend if ever there was one.  I just feel really bad that we can't go back to the beginning and do it all over again.

South Africa thoroughly deserved to win what was essentially a well fought and fluent game of rugby.   Were it not for a few Argentine mistakes, however, the story may have been different.  Forcing mistakes is the name of the game, and does not take away from South Africa's Victory.

I must say, there's all this talk about letting Argentina into either the Six Nations, or tri-nations tournaments.   Now I honestly think that they deserve to be included, but I don't understand the reason why the Six Nations is considered ahead of the Tri-Nations (other than the fact that the Tri-nations RFUs are decidedly arrogant as to not want to let Argentina in).  Since Italy joined up to make the Six Nations they have come on in leaps and bounds, and now have a credible international team (that have beaten Wales and Scotland to avoid the wooden spoon on numerous occasions).  I consider it folly to add Argentina to this mix, when the Tri-nations (a southern hemisphere tournament) would appear to be geographically closer, and logistically more logical. (what an awful turn of phrase).

However, both Fiji and Samoa have also shown their mettle over the last 5 weeks and deserve to be mentioned as an addition to the tri-nations.  With Argentina, Fiji, Samoa, NZ, Australia and SA all playing together surely that would only strengthen all the teams?

Rugby is a funny old game, and the world cup has been a great advertisment for it.  It's just a shame that in this country Ashley Cole's injured foot seems to get more column inches than England's progression to the RWC final.  Sometimes I feel like we don't deserve such a talented team.

It's not just at international level though.  My last local team (as I've just moved up north to Manchester) were Pertemps Bees (of Birmingham and Solihull).  Despite wonderful success in 2004, knocking the then Premiership Champions Wasps out of the domestic cup - they were receiving complaints from neighbours at the ground that the crowd was too noisy.  Imagine those complains from a person living close to a football ground - it'd be ridiculed as nonsense.  However, the bright sparks at the local newspaper decided it was worthy to press the club on why they don't keep the noise down.  What a joke.

There was also some question as to the grounds 'expansion.'  At the time, they had what can only be described as a 'bike shed' of a stand.  It would hold 50-100 people at most.  To attract more visitors, the club decided to expand the stand (it only covered about 1/5 of one side of the pitch) to something about three times larger (not even covering the whole of one side).  This was greeted with more complaints from neighbors concerned about noise levels.

Now, we complain that children get obese, that our national sides aren't performing.  When we have to fight against such stupid council decisions and residents to get what is essentially a core British sport at a local level, there are big issues.

Argentina deserve to be in the final more than England, not because of the team, but because of their supporters.  It's a crying shame that the English Press (and population) don't support their rugby team better.  If we want success, it's ours for the taking.  Rugby should be promoted at all levels.  It'd solve some, not all, of the problems in society today.  It encourages respect, passion, health and brotherhood.  Four things that are lost on todays society.