I don't often write blog posts after drinking, as it takes far too much time to correct grammar and spelling mistakes, however, tonight I am prepared to make an exception.

I went to walkabout, on Quay Street, Manchester, for the rugby this evening.  I watched Leeds comfortably beat St Helens in the League Final (well done Leeds,) but more importantly I witnessed the results of Mr Brian Ashton's leadership of the England RWC team.  It goes to prove that rugby is not just about luck, or form, but about passion.  Tonight was so full of passion and effort thatI cried at the end of 80 minutes.  It was just such an amazing feeling to witness the turn around in fortune that I couldn't hold it in.  It was a magnificent match, the atmosphere I watched it in was electric - aside from some t*sser who decided to turn off the big screen  -  claiming he hadn't come to watch the rugby.  Many people felt very amused when I told this guy (clearly 12 inches taller than me) where to put it - and so I turned the screen back on.. much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

Anyway, I then went to 5th Avenue, met up with a few mates there and had a drink (although didn't meet the bouncer Keith, who owes me a 5er from a bet we had last week) then headed to 42nd Street.  I met up with Konrad after, and sang a few rugby songs with the guys, before Andy Reid came out the club (unfortunately without the two girls we'd met earlier in the night) and we headed home to the flat.

Anyway, this post is just to say that I'm proud to be an English Rugby Union supporter.  It was a fantastic victory - and to sum up with a text my dad sent me after the game: