BBC NEWS | Entertainment | What is Radiohead's album worth?

It's a very bad article - which goes to show what lengths the musicians are going to have to go to in order to break free from their record labels.

If you can't be bothered to read the whole article, I'll summarized the key point I wanted to go over below:

"The record company signed the band in the first place, developed them and brought them to our attention.

So maybe I should have paid £4.91 to Radiohead and sent a cheque for the other half to EMI for its part in Radiohead's career, and to pay for finding the next Radiohead."

That's nice isn't it.  Following the same logic, one could say, lets pay this journalist £2 an hour... let's pay his previous companies for 'developing his talent' and lets pay his parents for 'teaching him to read and write.'

What a silly man.

The music business is changing, faster than they would like to admit.  The big record labels are nothing more than marketing tools now.  If a good producer can get his hands on some talent (and there's plenty of it on magnatune) then quality albums can be make without the need of a label.  As Radiohead showed earlier today - distribution isn't really a factor.

It's a shame that journalists have to go and pee on someone elses bonfire. I just hope this particular one had something to do with a phoney call-in and will be leaving the BBC faster than a blue peter presenter can say 'Cuddles'.. (or was it Cookie?)