What is FLOSS? · The Panegyrist

I initially bought the domain www.whatisfloss.co.uk in May 2006, after being rejected from an intership at Bentley Motor Co. in Crewe.  I had pinned quite a few hopes on getting the job, but unfortuantely I fell just before the interview stage.  I bought the domain as something to do over the summer, given that my job prospects had collapsed and I thought doing some community based volunteering would look good on my CV.

The site was initially set up as a one stop shop for explaining to people the concept of FLOSS, and I had categories for Education, Government, Public Domain .etc - touting the advantages of FLOSS in each of them.  However, not long after setting up the site (and emailing a few mailing lists about prospective jobs) I had an email which stated that the sender would be interested in working with me in the future on my whatisfloss project.

I was really pleased, but noted that the sender was from a company based in Manchester - and so I replied asking for more immediate collaboration - and was granted an interview.  As we say.. the rest is history.

However, development on the domain stopped - and due to a lack of foresight, previous incarnations of the site have all been deleted.

More recently, I have been running it as a planet, for those blogs that appear on my blogroll - but I can't help but think this is a waste of the domain.

It's got about 9 months left before I have to renew it - so was hoping that someone reading this could come up with an idea for it - or take the domain from me.

I'd be interested to see what people thing it should be - as initially it was going to be a site aimed at Windows users - and 'best practices' for downloading software. I'd like to revive it, but could do with some ideas on how to do this.  Please leave suggestions in the comments below.