Well I've flown the nest. It's been a fairly good weekend - celebrated my final weekend in Birmingham by going round to both my cousins' houses for their respective 18th and 23rd Birthdays.  They were both fantastic, and it was great to be able to say bye to everyone before I left.

The flat in Manchester is quite nice.  I've got all my stuff setup now and it all fits rather nicely.  The desk I brought from home fits into the alcove with 2-3cm spare (perfect for sending wires down the side).  It's got a lovely wooden floor - though I think I may have been the first occupant to give it a clean.  The guy I'm moving in with is currently touring Europe - and I think it's fair to say his last flatmate wasn't that tidy.  I hope I'll be an improvement.

I've also fixed the door handle on the lounge door - so now if you go into the lounge and shut the door behind you, you won't end up having to jump out of the window to get out.  I waited in all day for the Oven Engineer to come out - but he didn't - NOT GOOD!  At least I got some cleaning done.  I'm going to head out for my first shop in a few minutes - should be very exciting.  I'm going to goto the ASDA by Eastlands.  I've been there before and it's good value for money.

I'm also alot closer to all of our clients - which means that I won't have a four hour commute up and down the M6 - the only big journey that faces me is from Manchester to Nottingham - but luckily I can get the train :) as I'm only 5 minutes walk from Manchester Victoria, and ten from Piccadilly.

I'm going to organise a flat-warming/out-on-the-piss-in-Manchester night for a few people from Birmingham soon.  There's plenty of room for you all to crash, so could be a good night.

As for friends up in Manchester - I know a few people.  Hopefully within the next few weeks I'll renew even more acquaintances.  The best thing so far was having Mr Sandeep Jutla come over to help me unpack.  Great to see him :)

Will post some pictures of the flat - but unfortunately no Garden.. - so I'll go for a window box soonish.