BBC NEWS | Technology | Google backs private Moon landing

I know that this is far from my capability of completing, yet given that my blog sometimes appears quite high in the Google rankings I thought I'd send this post out for the as-yet-uninformed.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I take it you may be interested in taking part in the aforementioned project for landing a robot on the moon.  Embedded electronics, mechanical engineering and comms experts will probably all be required in order to fulfil the aim of your project.  Though I am none of these myself - I have a proposal for you.

Choose FLOSS to power your computing?

Whilst you may be thinking "Hey - this is a competition for $20 million, not a playground project" choosing FLOSS is going to bring you many benefits.

If you want eyes on the code to make sure that everything you are doing is checked and double-checked - FLOSS communities can help.

If you want eyes on the software to let you know of any bugs/mis-calcuations you can make - FLOSS communities can help.

If you want to have massive (geek) public support for your project then FLOSS users can help.

If you want your project to be the start of something long-term that people will be able to benefit from for long after you complete the project (and hopefully win the prize) FLOSS can help.

If you want some machine operators on the day the rocket goes live, FLOSS can help.

If you want the latest and greatest - it's FLOSS.

I hope you understand what a big difference FLOSS can make to your project.  If you do choose to go to space, go to space with FLOSS.