Well I've decided to start my own little side-project with the openmoko. I really haven't the time to be playing with it at the moment (unfortunately) but also don't want to see it go.

Therefore... some lucky people are borrowing it over the next few weeks. I'll get them to write a summary of how they found their experience with the phone. (This is optional, in case you were worried about asking.)

I'm going to stick with people local to the SBLUG or FSFUK Manchester at the moment. If you want to 'boromoko' to test anything or just have a play - please email me or leave a comment on this post (simply let me know your interested) and I'll try and divide the time fairly.

If anyone is reading this, as is based close to Manchester/Birmingham with a debug board for their moko - please get in touch so I can send the moko to you if one of my 'boromokoers' should brick the phone.

Hopefully more people will copy the name - I think it's quite catchy.

If you want to look for someone with a phone - join #boromoko on irc.freenode.net