I come home today at 7, get told that the back bathroom is out of use as the builders are working on the soil pipe.  Having mentioned at least 5 times that it's in the wrong place, no one seems to care until now (when two rooms are plasterboarded and 1 is plastered.  So yeah.

4 hours later, and I'm off to bed.  Quickly decided to brush my teeth... then I remember.

Whoops - a few litres of machinated poo are now flung into the brand newly plastered bedroom - and also (due to the angle of the pipework - manage to go straight through the hole that was previously a duct for the soil pipe.

I mean, there's crappy logic, and there's logic that ends up with crap all over the place.  Why didn't they decomission the water in the bathroom so that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to send it down a sawn off soil pipe.  Anyhow, I get to see them tomorrow morning and tell them how to do their job. I did it for three summers, and wouldn't do something as stupid as cut a soil pipe and not disable the toilets - well.. there wasn't even a sign - how difficult would that have been.  A bit of red tape to remind me.

Bollox. I'm moving out next week up to Manchester and it's probably a good job - my parents aren't going to be overwhelmingly happy when they see the extent of the damage in daylight.

Shit (in the most literal sense).


Moral (just double-brush your teeth in the morning).