I've bitten the bullet, and am moving my server to hosting.  Given the costs of their low-bandwith option  (£8 a month) it really makes loads more sense for me to setup on that, rather than keep the electricity meter clicking over at home.  Also, as I am about to move out of my home to start paying for electricity - it seems like a sensible option.

I am going to be running a couple of other websites  (one business and a charity site) on their - so I'll keep you all updated on how that goes.

I've also decided to use ubuntu as my distro of choice.  The main thing that split it apart from gentoo and CentOS was that as it's my main desktop distro (and I'm semi-active on ubuntu-uk) it would make sense to go with something familiar.  It also means that I can easily test at home (as I already have ubuntu environments) rather than having to setup a duplicate gentoo/centos host/vm in order to do my testing.

Hopefully this will be one of the last blogs from this slow connection - hopefully the new connection will also provide you guys with a better connection speed through to the blog.

Happy Surfing!