This is the first video I've posted on my blog - so not sure what kind of reception it's going to get. Unfortunately the sound quality isn't great, but this is a taster of what we're going to be playing at a concert in South Birmingham on the 7th and 8th September.

We're raising money for Simon's (the keyboard player) girlfriends mother's foundation - she was tragically killed by her horse two years ago. The money is being spent on building a school on the subcontinent and there have been two previous concerts.

This is the first concert that I have taken part in (although i attended the previous two) so I hope it's going to be a successful evening, raising as much money as possible.

If you would like to also donate, I will hopefully be setting up a site with full details of the project's progress, and some audio (and maybe some video) of the concert.

Alex on guitar, Simon on keyboard, and me on Bass.Please leave a comment so that we know what to work on / what you think would sound good for the concert.