Well I am 110% impressed.

A few weeks back (as regular blog readers will know) I blogged about not being able to find motorhome insurance for myself (only 21 years old) and was recommended by Nik Butler to have a look at MyThingE.com.

MyThingE.com is not just a great idea (rather than submit your insurance details to a price comparison site - the insurers can view your policy and bid for your custom - hopefully driving down the price) it is also very well executed.

I set up an 'auction' for my Dad to be the main driver (as is the current situation) and myself and my elder brother (23) as named drivers.  Whilst before all insurance companies had blacklisted any drivers under 30 from driving the campervan, mythinge.com came up with a price for the three of us.  Bonus!

Unfortunately, we then went away for a couple of weeks for a family holiday to france, and when I got back the motorhome was due to be taken down to Weston-super-Mare for it's annual service.  As we'd not quite decided whether the extra cost was viable for myself to be added to the drivers Dad decided to go it alone.  He still managed to save over £40 of his previous policy though.

Thank you mythinge.com - I shall be using you for my house insurance, and the motorhome insurance when we all finally sit down and decide to do it.

(More insurers are joining mythinge.com every week - so the chances of me finding a cheaper quote are increasing all the time.)