For those of you that are familiar with ubuntu, you may have heard of a small program called Automatix.  Touted as being the one-stop-shop to get your PC up and running, it's advertised as a 'must have' to get your ubuntu system working with all the codecs and 'some' staple applications needed to enjoy your new linux desktop to the full.

I first came across automatix just after the release of Dapper Drake - and ignoring the health warnings I decided to install it.  To be perfectly honest, I haven't had any 'obvious' problems with it - but I was shocked to learn today exactly how bad the software was.

That link gives a number of reasons why automatix is bad - and now that ubuntu itselg has easy ways of install the packages that automatix covers there really is no need.

I thanks the guys on the #ubuntu-uk IRC channel for bringing this to my attention.

For those of you that think installing automatix is a good idea - DON'T!  Even if it's your first linux experience - installing things like mp3 codecs and dvd capabilities can be done without skirting away from learning linux.  It's a new experience so submerge yourself in it.