We were travelling back from Dover on the last leg home from the holiday in France in two cars.  In the Lexus were Me, Simon, Richard and Charlie - and Dad, Mum, John and Steph were in the Land Rover.  As we came into Canterbury we decided to stop for lunch, as Dad attempted to park the power steering went on the Land Rover.  With nearly a tonne of wine in the back of it (all for personal consumption) and a lot of clothing it was nearly impossible to drive.  Thus, we called the AA team.

The first guy to come out was lovely.  I'd checked over all the electronics and looked for anything obvious under the bonnet.  The reservoir was still full (one the Power Steering shares with the Active Corner Enhancement) so there didn't look to be much of a problem.  When the AA guy arrived he confirmed everything that I'd said, and just said it was likely that the pump had a fault in that a valve had blocked.  It was probably best to get it checked out once we'd got home - but driving the car up the motorway should be fine as there weren't too many turns and Power Steering isn't so much an issue when travelling in a straight line.

After Lunch (at a fanstatic place in Canterbury whose name I shall look up and post in the comments) we decided to Shuffle the cars around so that five people went home in the Lexus and I went with Dad and Simon in the Landy.  All was going well (despite the difficulty in getting the car out of the car park) until we hit junction 2 of the M2 - when all the warning lights came on and the engine cut out.

We pulled over to the hard shoulder and called the AA team again.  They were out to us within the hour, took us across to the M25 services near the M26 - and then swapped over onto another truck for the journey up to Guy Salmon Land Rover in Stratford-upon-Avon (our local garage).

The journey home was really good with the topics of conversation starting with cars and then heading onto computing and music.  The driver was really friendly and couldn't do enough for us.  I even got to have a look at the diagnosis machines that the AA drivers use to diagnose faults with the cars.

Anyhow, I managed to get home at about 11pm - and was up at 6 the next day for work - and to collect my openmoko from Manchester.