Hello and Welcome to my 'blog!

I've been on the internet for quite a few years, and seen many sites come and go, whilst others have evolved. I've been keeping this site very much down to 'me' - what I'm reading, what I find interesting, and what I'm doing. If you're looking for a specific post, please use the search box on the right, or see my latest posts.

My life is undergoing quite a nice change at the moment, and like many of my ill-told stories, it's heading off at a tangent.  Hopefully the blog will reflect that over the next few months - but I've found it difficult to update when I've been away from the net for days on end.

The thing that I enjoy most about keeping this up to date is other people's opinions on what I have to publish.  Please keep the spirit of this alive and post your messages via the comment system at the bottom of each of the posts.  Good or Bad I love to hear from people near and far.

Take Care, and hopefully enjoy my writings.

--- andylockran, 20th May 2009