It's with a sense of trepidation that I announce i am now the proud orderer of a FIC neo1973.  The phone has already been in development for nearly a year, and has had its fair share of problems.  However, at about 22:30 on  8/7/2007  the first order went through for the developer release.

The developer release has its shortcomings in comparison to the end-user version that will be released sometime mid-October/November.  It doesn't have wifi, it has a slower processor, and is missing the accelerometers that will make it as fun a gaming device as the wii.

I'm really looking forward to getting my hands dirty as i want to start writing apps for it.  My main issue is that I'm a newcome to programming (having only written a short web app for my psychology degree) using php & mysql.  I'm also trying to learn some python, as it appears to be held in high regard across sblug, so hopefully with a mash up of these skills I'll be able to write some very simple applications for the openmoko.

Once I get the phone you can be sure I'll update the blog with as many pretty photos of it as possible.  Until then, I'll wait in anticipation.