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What a shocker! I've just been away for the last five days to Cornwall for a nice holiday with my family (all eight of us) and I come home to find myself quoted on the BBC. Nice suprise - now all I need to do is convince Rory to run a piece on the benefits that facebook have in using open source software.

Cornwall was fantastic. The weather on the first night was terrible though, and my sister and I arrived a day late as she'd had a night out planned on the aturday. Getting down to Cornwall on Sunday afternoon only took us 3 1/2 hours, so didn't really have any complaints. However, when we got there the family were out and the awning to the motorhome was collapsed. I wish I'd have taken a photo. Needless to say ten minutes later my parents and the rest of the family arrived back to a motorhome that was awning less as I'd put it down and in the back of my car.

Apart from the lovely cycling, walking, swimming, kayaking, golfing and sunburning, the only other thing I did of note was karting. This was excellent. We went to the St. Eval Kart track and had a quarter of an hour session. The karts went a max speed of 70mph, which is rather fast to be going in a little kart. It was great fun though - and the best lap I set was only a few seconds of the best of the day.

The second time we went was wednesday, and unfortunately my little sister had a nasty crash on the first lap. The "pro" in front of her crashed on a blind (but open) bend and she was slipstreaming him. 6 hours in Newquay and Truro hospitals and luckily all she escaped with was some heavy bruising and whiplash on the left side of her neck. Initially it was a suspected broken pelvis. Phew...

So now we're back in Brum after a 5 hour drive (weather has been atrocious today). Back to work.