I hope that there are enough people that read this blog, or read other blogs of people that read this blog in order to help find the poor girl Madeleine McCann.

Today, it is her fourth birthday, and as you can see from the news, her parents must be find it so hard to cope.

Recently, a small button appeared to support the missing Alan Johnson is Iraq - and I thought it would be a good idea to create a similar one for Madeleine, to show our support for her search.

If you want to put the code on your site, click here to download the code.

This will put the following image

onto your site, with a hyperlink to Madeleine's search at if you click on it.If you can make a better button, please do.. but it is purely the demonstration of support that is important.

God Bless Madeleine and let's all pray for her safe return.