It's been quite an exciting day for me today, for many different reasons. I woke up this morning around half nine, which is unsociably early for a Student Saturday, to head up to Manchester to watch the football. I decided to take two friends up from Crewe with me to the match: Darren, my West-Country Marxist friend, and his mate (originally from Birmingham) Matthew. Darren was joining me in supporting Manchester City, and the lone Villa supporter was Matthew.

I got up to Manchester, and decided to leave my car at a friend's flat who would also be joining us for the game. The last time he went to a City match it was at the old Maine Road - so it was good to be able to offer him a ticket to see his beloved City at their new stadium. We headed into town, across to the train station to meet up with a few more villa fans that had travelled to the game. Unfortunately, due to the way in which ticket purchases worked out - I was on the other side of the stadium to the other guys; sitting with my mate's Dad - who was extremely kind enough to offer me a last minute season ticket for the game.

City View

However, it was also a bonus. His seats must be nearly the best seats in the ground. They're at the back of the first tier of the Colin Bell Stand, (not the Bell End, as many United fans would want you to believe,) right next to the media section. It was quite amusing looking at Stuart Hall as Joey Barton blasted his penalty over the bar just before half time. His summary of the game. "Samaras is as good a striker as Pearce is a manager." I've not idea if that made the final cut on the radio.

When I returned home (after a lovely early-evening barbecue in Levenshulme to celebrate a friend's 21st), I was met by a rather over-excited housemate. My fishtank was now home to a rather black male badis-badis fish. He was guarding the upturned plant-pot with gusto. What does this mean? It means that in 72 hours, I shall be the proud owner of a few baby badis-badis.

Upturned Pot

It's crazy. City can't score all season, yet the badis-badis can score the first time I head away from home.