It's been quite an exciting day for me today. Since I have been up, I've moved my African glass catfish out of the tank that my badis-badis eggs are in, so that there will be no mistakes with bigger fish eating the fry. There is a real sense of excitement developing in the tank. With approximately two days left until the fry hatch, the females are being chased around the tank by a rather colourful male badis-badis.

His role in the birth and hatching of the fry is to protect them. As shown on the previous blog, I placed an upturned plantpot (with a hole put in it by my own fair hand) into the sand, so that the females would have somewhere to place the eggs. I'm 100% sure that this part of the breeding process is complete, with some of the females tummys looking rather smaller than they did two days ago.

The male guards the pot to make sure that no-one interferes with the eggs - you can see him sticking his head out in the photo below.

Dark Male Badis-Badis

I will hopefully be able to update you with more pictures as I can take them. If anyone fancies a particular photo being taken of the fish (such as one of the females .etc), please leave a comment and I'll try to take a half-decent one for the blog.