Today I was added to the SBirmingham Linux User Group's 'Planet.' For those of you that don't know, this is a place where lots of blogs are presented on the same page, with the premise that many of them will have gravity - in that they have a collective purpose.

In order to submit a blog, you also are requested to provide a hackergotchi (small image to appear next to your name). I didn't have one pre-prepared and (, as I am meant to be working on my dissertation,) decided to leave it to fate and be randomly assigned an 80's cartoon themed hackergotchi. I GOT SUPERTED!!

I'm not going to change this, as I believe that superted is a good enough analogy for what I intend to become. With a little sprinkling of fairy-dust from mother nature (linux), I can do stuff that a normal programmer (bear) cannot do. I will defeat Bill Gates' (Texas Pete) Steve Ballmer (Bulk) and Steve Jobs (Bones).

With my trust friends in the linux community (epitomised by the character Spotty Man) I will be able to overcome many problems.

It is with this randomness that I introduce myself to the other bloggers on the SBLUG planet.