Whilst for many people, the idea of a computer controlled home may be scary, or indeed something limited to sci-fi movies, I believe I'm only about three years away from having most of my home controlled for me via my mobile phone.

I've been lurking on a list for the openmoko project. Their aim is to create a completely open source phone firmware, so that other developers can build applications that will work of different phones, that can be customised, and provide the end user with a phone configured "how they want it." Whilst this had some obvious advantages, it has many subtle advantages too.

Today, I came across a website called plutohome.com, after seeing it mentioned on the list. I was completely overwhelmed. Here is an open source solution for managing your home digitally. The majority of people will not have the expertise and/or patience to take advantage of the free software, thus the developers obviously though it would only ever be a good thing to release it to open source development. It is software that can be used to control everything electronic in your house, plus it even is able to use face recognition to let certain people in and out of the house, and other people in and out of the house. It also records faces of people visiting the house, sends a text to your phone if someone attempts to get in while you're out of the house. Have a look at the site, it can do loads!

So, this brings me to my point. If software like this can be made available to the masses, it's not going to be long before the home is completely computer controlled - it's becomng more a case of whether people want to let the technology into their home, rather than waiting for the techonology to be designed. It's all there and waiting, and I cannot wait to take advantage of it.